Gunn Road Autobody & Glass provides a 30 day warranty on parts subject to the conditions and limitations set forth below:

  1. If parts are found in a condition other than on Gunn Road Auto Parts invoices or fail within 30 days from the date of purchase, please contact our office for exchange of the part where possible or return of the original purchase price.
  2. It is the customer’s responsibility to check all parts and accessories prior to installation.
  3. Improper installation will void the warranty on any part purchased from Gunn Road Auto Parts.
  4. All repairs must have prior approval by Gunn Road Auto Parts.
  5. Engines are all equipped with a Heal Tab; if removed or melted your warranty becomes void.
  6. Engines must have new oil and filter installed and a minor tune-up is recommended.
  7. Engines are guaranteed to be in good running order, against excessive use of oil, excessive smoking, cracked block or heads, defective cam or crank shaft, unless otherwise stated.
  8. This warranty does not extend to or cover the following:
    • externally attached items or accessories (such as water pumps, fuel pumps, carburetors, throttle bodies, injectors, brackets, etc.)
    • time loss due to break down or any other consequential damage
    • towing charges
    • ┬áloss of oil, gas, antifreeze or other fluids
    • damage of any other parts or accessories not supplied with unit
  9. Failure due to incorrect or insufficient fluid levels will void any warranty.
  10. Transmissions are guaranteed to be in good working order, against slippage or shifting failure, during the above warranty period.
  11. Transmissions must have throttle pressure linkage adjusted properly, new oil installed, axle seals and front and rear seals replaced and the other cooler tank and lines properly cleaned before installation or warranty is void.
  12. Axle assemblies must have gasket and oil properly installed.
  13. Electrical components are not returnable unless prior authorization from Gunn Road Auto Parts also subject to a 15% restocking charge.
  14. Ball joints and Tie Rod Ends that are supplied with suspension components are not warranted unless otherwise specified.
  15. All cores must be complete and returned with original invoice for refund.
  16. Warranty is voided if part has been disassembled.
  17. No returns after 30 days.